About this project

Our story is about an island and a team of volunteers who wish to make it known around the world. Why?

The idea

When the Louvre completed the overwhelming restoration of the magnificent statue of Nike, an idea was conceived by the Hellenic Cultural Center (CCHEL) of Paris - to connect the famous statue with its place of birth, the island of Samothrace!

 First steps

In 2014 the production of the documentary Samothrace, by the director Aggeliki Aristomenopoulou, came to life. People who live on Samothrace because they were born in it or because they fell in love with it, like myself, told their story. This film depicts how a huge mountain in the middle of the sea, with waterfalls, natural pools, ancient temples, mysteries and raw nature has become passion for the people who discovered it. 

What is Samothrace | Walk with me

Now, the Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage and the Municipality of Samothrace joined CCHEL for the Samothrace | Walk with me initiative. Along with many volunteers, we will recreate the cultural paths of Samothraki. Following the trails of the animals and the secret routes of locals, we will mark paths of the most magical locations of the mountain Saos of Samothrace. Those paths will give a reason for nature lovers to discover a unique Greek island identity, different from any other island. Samothrace was once a magnet of all important personalities of the ancient world. The Kavirian mysteries were above race, age, sex and wealth and this is why the island was famous for its multicultural character. 

We hope that Samothrace | Walk with me will be the reason to restore some of the glory that the island once had! At least for those who never cease their quest for the unique...